Popping My Blog's...... Cork...... My First Post

Welcome Bloggers!  With the many blogs throughout the world about food, wine, and travel, I thought, "what's one more?"  I thought I had already begun a wine blog on Twitter, but as my wife, Erica, informed me, Twitter is not blogging... it's kind of blogging, but it's not.  So, in the interest of sharing my bit of knowledge that will someday make me famous on Jeopardy, I stayed up all night trying to design my Blog Page.  It's primitive, I know, but give me a couple of weeks, and I'll have it in tip-top shape.

My goal in life is simple: to entertain.  Will this philosophy be neglected in my blog?  That would be "no."  I have countless a few stories about several trips, dining experiences, and wines that will keep you rolling on the floor laughing your interest.  As one of my dearest friends will tell you, she can't wait to buy my book (that she will end up helping me write) on the memoirs of our adventures and experiences, among our group of self-proclaimed elitist friends.  This blog will hopefully be the inspiration for that book.  Hopefully.

So, why another wine blog?  It's my passion; one of several, but none the less, one of my bigger passions.  You will definately find reviews of other things along this journey, but the primary focus will be wine... or at least there will be wine involved.  As the Beverage Manager at a country club of the North Shore of Chicago, I have had many experiences in not only sampling wine, but learning the stories and backgrounds of the people who pour their life into the wine they produce.

Now that I have bored you to death I have a few notes ready to go on some fantastic wines, which I will write in the next few days.  From Nickel & Nickel, to Caymus, to Olivier Leflaive, I hope my blog helps direct your interests in the fine art of wine, and puts a smile on your face in the process.  Best wishes in the new year!


  1. Nice job, Ben, on the blog. Just sent the information to a few of my wine lover friends.

  2. Yay for blogging!! Welcome to the blogosphere and can't wait to read your posts :)


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