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Beau Vigne, Juliet, Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, 2008

Quite possibly one of my all time favorites from Napa Valley, the Beau Vigne Juliet delivers on all accounts.  First encountered at our 2009 Wine at Wholesales Night at the club, we tasted the 2006 and I couldn't believe how supple and rewarding this wine truly was.  And when I sampled the 2008, I immediately bought two cases for the club. The nose begins with beautiful fruit and cocoa aromas, fruity liqueurs, and overall "an inviting scent that lures you to the sensual vices of the palate."  (This is literally what I wrote in my notebook when I was sampling the bottle!)  Opening with a very sexy fruit forward taste, the wine develops both power and elegance through its clean and easy mid-palate.  There are very dark fruit flavors bursting throughout the glass, with hints of smoke, earth, and tobacco within the luscious and full feel of the wine.  The tannins are incredibly structured to add character to the wine, while not too powerful to ensure a silky, smooth fini

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