Girard, Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, 2008

I am very familiar with Girard's Artistry blend, as it was a popular sell at my Club in Chicago.  The Cab was an excellent find, but I would be interested in trying the 2008 five years from now to see how much more it matures.

Nose: Lush and ripe red fruit with spice and oak notes throughout.

Color: Very rich garnet with "melting ice" edges.

Palate: Lush front and mid palate with ripe red fruits, dark cherry, and nutmeg/cinnamon, but an unfortunate short finish.  I wanted the wine to have a full ride, but the tannins dried up and the flavor left quickly.  I imagine with a bit more time in the bottle for the tannins to refine, this will be raised from a 'good' wine to a 'great' wine. Especially for the value of approximately $30-35.


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