Anderson's Conn Valley Vineyards, Eloge Bordeaux Blend, Napa Valley, 2008

Anderson's Conn Valley Vineyards 2008 Eloge is a magnificent work of art.  Familiar with their Napa Cab in the past, I could not wait to sample this, what I knew would be, priceless experience of a wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon 55%, Cabernet Franc 25%, Petit Verdot 10%, and Merlot 10%

Words cannot describe how incredibly perfect this wine truly is... and at 98 points from Wine Advocate, I think others will agree with me.

The nose is soft and incredibly voluptuous, with aromas of espresso, blueberries, ripe dark fruits, and graphite.

Its color is as deep as the ocean at sunset, dark royal purple and dense.

And of course, the palate: full and vibrant, from the touch of the first taste to your lips, to the crescendo of succulent berries, espresso, and light leather, to the round and sexy finish.  The tannins on the Eloge are luscious and silky with incredible structure throughout the entire experience.  It is fabulous now, but will evolve and entertain for 20 years to come.

This beautifully layered wine, at no surprise, is not your "open every Friday night for burgers" kind of wine.  This, my friends, is a treasure worth preserving.  Buy what you can, and know it is worth every penny of the $95-110 retail.  Cheers to Eloge!


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