Ten, Diez, Dix, X, √100... Yes, That's 10 Days to Gala!

Wow.. have I been slacking.  I would like to say I have a reasonable excuse for not posting in so long, but at least the last post (Soffocone... haha) could hold up a couple weeks.  Between getting ready for the club to open and a (really) short trip to Napa (it was awesome), time has been in short measure.  But I assure you I have many notes ready to go, and several pictures from our trip to share.

BUT, before all of that: the Hospitality Gala for Ferris State University is 10 days away!!  We are incredibly excited to attend the event, support the students, and see our best of friends.  We're all extremely excited to be hosted at the JW Marriott Grand Rapids, the epic hotel in which I had the opportunity to be a part of the opening team.  Erica has her long, black dress picked out (it's pretty awesome), and I'll be dressed to the nines, themed tie and pocket square to accompany my new suit... or will I wear my favorite suit?  Ok, I guess I still have a few things to work out.

I am also preparing a few wine baskets to donate from the club to the silent auction for the Gala.  I'm thinking with the 20th Anniversary, a few eye openers will be in order (Soffocone?  Yes.  Perhaps a Stag's Leap or Chalk Hill?  Maybe.)  Either way, I am so happy the club is able to support my addictive habit alma mater.  In the past, the silent auction has been the big money maker for each Gala.  With this year hailing the endowment fund, the funds will be raised through donations, sponsorships, the high number of ticket sales, and yes, the auction, so it is important for alumni and supporters of the Program to donate fantastic golf, hotel, wine, and travel packages.  It's also an excellent opportunity for attendees to buy said items at less than face-value prices... stays at Omni Hotels, Marriotts, Hiltons... golf at Bay Harbor, St. Ives, Arcadluffs... and other great prizes.

The students are in crunch mode for the next ten days to ensure a perfect event, and we feel the pressure they bear, as we have all gone through this process several times when we were students.  We can't wait to see what marvels they will display for us, and we most certainly can't wait to see the works of the JW in process of the event.  Cheers to the movers and shakers of the 2011 FSU Hospitality Gala!


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